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7D & 8D Short Stem Premade Fans 0.07

7D & 8D Short Stem Premade Fans 0.07

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Our Short Stem Premade Fans are a must-have tool for any lash technician – whether you're a student or a seasoned pro. Handmade from lightweight, durable materials, these lashes create a natural, airy look that your clients will love. They're perfect for filling gaps or adding volume to an existing lash look.

Each fan is designed for easy application and long-lasting wear. Packaged for easy access, these fans are a breeze to work with. We recommend using our Diamond Master Volume Tweezers to select and separate each fan from the packaging, for a fast and simple process.

Lash extensions provide an amazing confidence boost for your clients, and with our Short Stem Premade Fans, you can help them achieve their dream look in no time. Whether you're using them for personal or professional use, these lashes are a great option for anyone learning the art of lash extension application.

Upgrade your lash game with our Short Stem Premade Fans – your clients will thank you!
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