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Premade Spikes

Premade Spikes

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Introducing our Premade Spikes - the perfect tool for lash artists looking to create amazing wispy and Kimmy K inspired lash sets! Made from high-quality Korean PBT, these lashes are 0.07 thickness and available in both C and D curls.

With our Premade Spikes, you can easily create those Instagramable wispie and Kimmy K inspired lash sets that clients are sure to love. These spikes add dimension and texture to lash sets, making them stand out from the rest.

Available in 2 different mixed length trays - 8mm-13mm and 13mm-18mm - with 2 lines of each length, these Premade Spikes are versatile and perfect for a variety of looks. They are easy to work with and can be placed strategically throughout the lash set for a custom look.

If you've been struggling to create those perfect spikes and wispy sets, our Premade Spikes are the perfect solution for you. Order now and take your lash game to the next level!
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Customer Reviews

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Mikayla G.


Paige T.

Perfect spike, perfect thickness, sooooo easy to apply, and not so heavy as to weigh the natural lash down. 10/10! xx
- Siren Lash Artistry Bendigo

Elizabeth ..

Love these spike lashes

Skylar L.

I used these spikes and they were amazing and so easy to apply saving me so much time 10/10 would recommend!