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Sapphire2 Professional Eyelash Glue

Sapphire2 Professional Eyelash Glue

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Introducing our new Sapphire 2 Express Glue, specially designed for low humidity environments with temperatures between 18-23 degrees Celsius. With a lightning-fast dry time of 0.8-1 second, this glue is perfect for experienced lash artists who love speed and precision. Sapphire 2 is known for its incredible retention and low fumes, making it the ideal choice for clients with sensitive eyes. For best results, pair Sapphire 2 with our Diamond Bonder to take your retention to the next level!

To get the most out of your Sapphire 2 Express Glue, follow our top tips:

- Maintain a salon temperature of no more than 22 degrees Celsius
- Replace your glue dot every 15 minutes
- Shake the glue bottle gently and avoid turning it upside down
- Shake the bottle for at least 2 minutes before the first use of the day
- Wipe the glue nozzle after every use
- Burp the glue before storing it to prevent clogging
- Do not store the glue in the fridge after opening
- Store the glue in a cool, dark place with silica beads or a glue storage cannister
- Replace the glue bottle every 3 weeks to ensure optimal performance
- When in doubt, throw out old glue and keep a spare bottle on hand

Our Sapphire 2 Express Glue comes in a 5ml bottle, featuring a carbon black color and latex-free and formaldehyde-free formula. Trust us, once you try Sapphire 2, you'll never look back!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Alyssa B.

I have been trialing glue but feel like temperature humidity in my room isn't a match! Did have it at the perfect temp and humidity but didn't work well for me unfortunately!


Love it been using it for a few years now. My old supplier stopped selling the one I used to use. I didn’t think I’d find one I love so much.

Love 👍👍

Shontelle W.

I love diamond lash supplies. Crystal has amazing customer service and I love how she cares about her customers. Fast delivery to NZ and great quality lashes and accessories.


I am yet to use this, but I know it will be just as amazing as all the other products I have purchased from Diamond lash supplies.
Customer service is beyond amazing! I have never felt so looked after by a supplier than I do with Crystal. I highly recommend!

Shontelle W.

I love this glue for my classic lashes premades and Russian volume it has helped my lashing and the retention combined with the super Bonder has been amazing!