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Practice Sponges

Practice Sponges

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Introducing our Practice Sponges - the perfect tool for lash artists looking to improve their fan-making and glue techniques! Each pack contains 10 sponges, providing you with plenty of opportunities to practice and perfect your skills.

These sponges allow you to create and perfect your fan-making skills. They are also great for practicing your glue technique, helping you to achieve a more precise and controlled application.

If you're new to the lash game, these Practice Sponges are the perfect tool for you. They help you to develop the muscle memory and technique needed to create flawless sets. And if you're a seasoned pro, they provide a great opportunity to refine your skills and try out new techniques.

Remember, if you stick a fan to the sponge and can see the glue on the sponge, you've got too much glue on. This helps you to achieve a more controlled and precise application, resulting in better retention and happier clients.

Order now and take your lash game to the next level! Please note that the colour of the sponges is chosen at random.

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Kerri B.


Tara W.


Leshana W.

5 stars

Elizabeth G.

Great, speedy service. I am using the sponges to apply silver polish when cleaning my silverware and they are perfect for that purpose. They don’t disintegrate.