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Platinum Pro Glue

Platinum Pro Glue

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We are excited to offer our Platinum Pro Glue, which has a dry time of 1-2 seconds and is carbon black with low fumes. It works best in a humidity range of 45% - 75% and a temperature range of 18-23 degrees Celsius. We have tested and tested this glue, and it has amazing grab and retention that will leave you speechless.

To get the most out of your glue, make sure your salon space temperature is no more than 22 degrees Celsius, and replace your glue dot every 15 minutes. Shake your glue bottle for at least 2 minutes before the first use of the day and ensure you wipe your glue nozzle every time. Burp your glue before putting the lid back on for storage and don't store your glue in the fridge once opened. Instead, store it in a dark, cool place with the silica beads that come with it, ideally in a glue storage canister. You should replace your glue bottle every 3 weeks, but we recommend keeping a spare glue bottle in your fridge just in case. Remember, if you're ever unsure about your current glue bottle, if in doubt, throw it out!

Our Platinum Pro Glue comes in a 5ml bottle, is carbon black, has a 1-2 second dry time, and is latex-free. It is our best glue yet, and we know you will love it as much as we do. Order now and experience the difference for yourself!
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Customer Reviews

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Qualityyy!! It’s amazing! Love it




Best glue I’ve ever tried!!!

Evelyn A.

Incredible retention!! My new go to glue.

Rachel Y.

5 star glue! Love it