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Exciting news! Our popular Rinse Bottles are now available in Pink! These 250ml bottles are perfect for rinsing your client's eyes after a lash treatment, removing any residual product or adhesive. The Pink Rinse Bottles are not only functional but also stylish, adding a pop of color to your lash trolley.

Our Rinse Bottles are made with high-quality materials, ensuring that they are durable and long-lasting. The nozzle provides a gentle and controlled stream of water, making it easy to rinse the eyes without causing any discomfort or irritation.

Don't settle for boring clear rinse bottles - upgrade to our Pink Rinse Bottles and add a touch of fun and style to your lash business. Your clients will appreciate the added touch of color and will be impressed by your attention to detail and commitment to providing the best lash experience possible.

Order your Pink Rinse Bottles today and take your lash game to the next level!
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