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6D Mid Stem Premade Fans XXL Tray

6D Mid Stem Premade Fans XXL Tray

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Introducing our latest innovation - the Mid Stem Premade Volume Fans - designed to make your lash extension application process even easier and more efficient! With these fans, you can achieve stunning volume lashes in half the time, making them perfect for both beginner and skilled artists alike.

Our Mid Stem Fans have a pro point, which eliminates the frustration of square shape bases. Made from high quality Korean PBT, they are lightweight, delicate, and handmade, so you don't have to worry about creating perfect fans yourself.

Our XXL size trays contain 600 fans per pack, making them ideal for servicing multiple clients from just one tray. Plus, they are equivalent to 5 of our midi trays, working out to be just $12.40 per 120 fans compared to $17 for the midi trays.

For best application, we recommend using our Diamond Master Volume Tweezers to pick them up from the base and gently peel them off the backing. Please note that since they are handmade and delicate, they require extra care during application.

Upgrade your lash game with our Mid Stem Premade Volume Fans today and enjoy the convenience, quality, and affordability that Diamond Lash Supplies is known for! Don't forget to take advantage of our amazing discounts and deals to save even more.

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