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Microblading Magic Eraser Pen - 3 Pack

Microblading Magic Eraser Pen - 3 Pack

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Looking for a handy tool to remove any leftover tattoo marker designs on the skin? Look no further than our Microblading Magic Eraser Pens! These pens are an essential tool for any microblading artist, allowing you to easily remove any mistakes or leftover marks, ensuring that your clients' skin is picture-perfect.

Our Microblading Magic Eraser Pens are compact and easy to use, making them the perfect addition to your microblading kit. Simply apply a small amount of pressure to the skin and watch the tattoo marker disappear!

Not only are our Microblading Magic Eraser Pens practical, but they are also designed to be gentle on the skin. Made with high-quality materials, these pens are built to last and provide consistent results every time.

Invest in the best tools for your business and order your Microblading Magic Eraser Pens today!

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