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Magnifying Glasses

Magnifying Glasses

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Introducing our Magnifying Glasses, the perfect tool for lash extension professionals. With two options available in both +150 and +250 times magnification, these glasses will help you see every lash perfectly to ensure a flawless application. Even if you have perfect vision, focusing your eyes all day while lashing can result in headaches and eye pain, and these glasses can help prevent that.

Our Magnifying Glasses are lightweight and comfortable to wear, and they come in a super cute custom pink design. They also come with a protective case chosen at random to keep them safe when not in use. These glasses are much easier and cuter than bulky magnifying headlamps!

Please note that our Magnifying Glasses are not prescription glasses, and your eyes may take a minute to adjust to wearing them. They are designed specifically for lash artists and are not recommended for walking around in.

Our Magnifying Glasses are a must-have for any lash extension professional. They are the perfect tool to help you see every lash clearly and ensure a flawless application. Choose from our +150 or +250 times magnification options to find the perfect fit for your needs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

Definitely helped with those little lashes

Danielle B.

these magnifying glasses are amazing!!! I honestly don’t know how I worked before without them

Shari K.

These glasses are perfect! They do exactly what they say, magnify so you can see each individual eyelash properly without straining your eyes! Every lash tech needs a pair of these, and the packaging are so pretty x

Shari K.

These are a must have in your kit! They work amazing, dont hurt your eyes, pretty in pink & the mink case is a beautiful touch!

Shereen C.

I wish these glasses were around years ago!! best investment i have brought in a long time. got myself 2 pairs just incase one brakes