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Eyelash Kit Deluxe - Angelic Classic

Eyelash Kit Deluxe - Angelic Classic

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Attention all aspiring lash artists! If you're looking for a comprehensive eyelash extension kit to kickstart your career, look no further than Diamond Lash's Classic Deluxe kit. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, this kit has everything you need to get started on your lash extension journey.

The Classic Deluxe kit includes all the basic accessories you need to prepare your work, plus lashes, tweezers, glues, mannequins, and disposables. You don't have to worry about finding all the supplies you need to practice your lash skills, making it perfect for beauty students. Plus, you can save 40% by purchasing this kit instead of buying everything individually.

Each Deluxe kit includes:
- 4 pairs of tweezers
- Mini scissors
- 6 trays of lashes
- 2 x of our most popular lash glues
- Remover and cleanser
- Primer
- Mannequin head
- Practice lashes
- Cleansing brush
- Pink jade stone
- Acrylic lash tile
- Air puffer
- Mini fan
- Ruler
- Lint-free wipes
- Rinse bottle
- 4 rolls of tape
- Lash mirror
- Lux memory foam pillow
- Aluminium glue stickers
- Magnifying glasses
- Eye pads
- Micro swabs, lip wands, and mascara wands.

Please note that we always recommend taking a course before lashing any clients and starting with classic lashing first.

If you would like to customize your items, we also offer fully buildable kits where you can select colors, items, and sizes.

Invest in Diamond Lash's Classic Deluxe kit today and start your journey to becoming a skilled lash artist! Please note that a bulk shipping charge of $20 applies to all kits.

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