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Eyelash Primer Strawberry Scented

Eyelash Primer Strawberry Scented

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Diamond Primer is an essential product for every salon offering eyelash extension services. This primer helps to accelerate the cure time of your glue without creating a shock curing effect, making it perfect for days with low humidity. Additionally, it comes in a delightful strawberry scent, ensuring that your clients won't have to endure any harsh fumes during their appointment.

To use, simply apply 2-3 drops of primer to a micro swab and apply it to the natural lash line. Once it has dried, you can start applying the extensions. You can also apply the primer directly onto your volume lashes before making your fans to help prevent the stickies and keep your handmade fans wide and open.

This 10ml primer not only improves your retention but also accelerates the curing time of your glue, making it an essential product for any lash artist. Invest in Diamond Primer today and take your eyelash extension services to the next level!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

If you get this you have to buy the super bonder! I lovvve this duo togther!

Rhommy M.

Has increased my retention amazingly, now have clients coming back every 3 weeks needing grown out lashes taken and replaced. Sets are staying so full it’s amazing.

Jessica D.

Excellent customer service, Krystal goes above and beyond

Tiarne B.

5 ⭐️


Love this primer