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Cosmetic Tattoo Mannequin Head

Cosmetic Tattoo Mannequin Head

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If you're looking to perfect your cosmetic tattooing techniques, our Tattoo Practice Mannequin Head is the perfect tool for you. Made from high-quality rubber, this mannequin head is designed to simulate the texture and feel of real skin, allowing you to practice all PMU makeup techniques with confidence.

The mannequin head comes with removable eyes and lips, as well as an extra set of eyes and lips, making it easy to practice a variety of techniques and styles. Whether you're practicing microblading, ombre brows, lip blush, or eyeliner tattooing, this mannequin head is the perfect canvas for honing your skills.

Investing in a practice mannequin head is an essential step in becoming a successful PMU artist. It allows you to perfect your techniques and experiment with new styles without the pressure of working on a live client. With our Tattoo Practice Mannequin Head, you can practice and perfect your skills with ease, ensuring that you're always providing the best service possible to your clients.

Invest in your professional development today and add our Tattoo Practice Mannequin Head to your PMU toolkit.

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