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Brown YY Lashes

Brown YY Lashes

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We're thrilled to introduce our latest addition to our lash extension line - Brown Diamond YY Lashes! These lashes are perfect for creating a textured look that's full and fluffy, without going full volume. And, thanks to their long base, they're easy to attach just like classic lashes.

Our Brown Diamond YY Lashes come in a mixed tray layout of 8mm-15mm with a thickness of 0.07 in C curl. The mixed tray includes 8mm x 1 line, 9mm x 1 line, 10mm x 2 lines, 11mm x 2 lines, 12mm x 2 lines, 13mm x 2 lines, 14mm x 1 line, and 15mm x 1 line.

These lashes are made from high-quality Korean PBT, which is lightweight and fluffy, and also comes in jet black color. The Brown Diamond YY Lashes are the perfect choice for lash artists who are looking to create a textured look that's full and fluffy, yet still natural-looking.

If you're a lash artist who is looking for a new way to create a textured, full look that's still natural-looking, our Brown Diamond YY Lashes are the perfect choice. They're easy to work with, made from high-quality materials, and will help you achieve the perfect result every time.

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