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Baby Nano Mister White

Baby Nano Mister White

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Introducing our brand new baby Nano Mister - the perfect tool to help with the curing process of the glue in your lash extensions!

Despite its small size, our Nano Mister is powerful, providing the perfect amount of moisture for your fresh sets. It sprays a controlled micro mist of water over your sets, helping the glue to cure properly and ensuring long-lasting results.

Using our Nano Mister is easy - simply hold it approximately 30cm away from the lashes and spray a tiny amount of water on the lashes. Be careful not to spray too much water or the device may create large beads of water on the lashes. It is also recommended to use distilled water to fill the device.

Our Nano Mister is compact and portable, making it easy to take with you anywhere you go. And with its USB charging cord, you can easily recharge it whenever you need to.

Upgrade your lash game with our Nano Mister today and enjoy its power, portability, and ease of use. It's the perfect addition to any lash extension kit!


    • White with rose gold features

    • USB charging cable

    • 12ml water tank capacity

    • Use distilled water for tank

    • Only spray tiny amount of mist

    • Spray 30cm away from the face

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Shari K.

This mini Nano misters are amazing. Small compact but very powerful! They do exactly the job you need. They even come fully charged up ready to go :)

Nikkita M.

Easy to charge, easy to use


Loving this item
Absolutely would recommend anyone to you guys. You went above and beyond with your package. Will definitely be ordering again and again with you guys x

Nikitta M.

I didn’t think it was this small but I love it I can even carry it around in my handbag it’s perfect 😍