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Diamond Lash Supplies

Artblaze Lamp

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Artblaze LED lamp with double head and flexible arms with rotatable heads will step up your lash game and add some glamour to your salon. Has 6 levels of brightness so you will be able to see even those blonde lashes clearly! And is totally portable which makes it perfect for travelling beautician's and makeup artists alike.

    •  6 Stage touch dimming
    •  Comes in carry bag so is totally portable for all your beauty services
    •  Swivel heads
    •  Flexible arms
    •  Adjustable height 70cm-170cm
    •  Aluminum telescopic stand
    •  Service life over 50,000 hours
    •  Power consumption 9.24W (Max)
    •  Weighs only 1.7kg
    • Dual Voltage
    •  Comes with US power plus with AU convertor
Product contains: 1 Main base stand, 1 double light head, 1 power cord with AUD power convertor, 1 carry bag



Step 1: Insert the bottom of the luminaire onto the stand and tighten the knob.

Step 2: Insert the power cord into the luminaire, and connect the other side to the wall socket and turn on

Step 3: Press button to turn on, press dim up button to increase brightness and dim down to decrease brightness

    • Do not cover the lamp, for example with drapes or anything else. This could lead to fire.
    • Do  not take the lamp apart yourself and only have it repaired by a qualified electricians
    •  Avoid unplugging the power by pulling the power cord with wet hands
    •  Keep the lamp away from extreme humidity
    •  Always place the lamp on an even and stable surface to prevent from tipping over
    •  Keep lamp away from extreme temperatures, heat sources, and flammable material
    •  Check the lamp regularly for damage. Please do not use when it shows visible damage
    •  Dust off lamp with a dry cloth, and clean stand with a damp cloth
    • Comes in a gold and white finish