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6D Long Stem Premade Fans XXL Tray

6D Long Stem Premade Fans XXL Tray

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Introducing our Diamond Lash Long Stem Fans - the perfect solution for lash technicians who want to provide their clients with the highest quality lashes on the market. These lightweight, handmade lashes are delicately crafted to enhance your client's natural features, and are now available in XXL size trays with 500 fans!

Our Long Stem Fans are designed to create a dramatic "eyeliner look" that makes lashes appear ultra-full and voluminous. Choose from short or long lashes to achieve the perfect length for your client's desired look.

For best application, we recommend using our Diamond Master Volume Tweezers to grab the stem and carefully peel off the backing.

What's even better is that our XXL trays are equivalent to 4 of our midi trays, working out to just $12 per 120 fans - a huge saving compared to our current midi range, normally priced at $17. Don't miss out on this amazing deal - upgrade your lash game with our Diamond Lash Long Stem Fans today!

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