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Easy Fan Volume Lashes

Easy Fan Volume Lashes

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Introducing Diamond Easy Fan Volume Lashes, your new go-to for hand-making fans! Our innovative bonding agent holds the lashes together at the base, dramatically speeding up the process and making it practically effortless. If you've been struggling to make fans, give these lashes a try and watch them practically fan themselves!

Crafted from the highest quality Korean PBT, our Rapid Volume Lashes are perfect for creating stunning mega volume lash sets. Double-layered and super soft and dark, these lashes are easy to fan and will leave you falling in love. If you find your bases too thick, simply pinch them after peeling the fan off the strip.

Available in 0.03, 0.05, and 0.07, our mixed trays range from 8mm to 15mm and come in C, D, L, and DD curls. Each 18-line tray includes a mixed layout of 1x8mm, 2x9mm, 3x10mm, 3x11mm, 3x12mm, 2x14mm, and 2x15mm. Try Diamond Easy Fan Volume Lashes today and experience effortless fan-making like never before!

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