The Diamond Essentials

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Diamond Super Bonder is a brand new revolutionary product to maximize retention by up to 30%! It works by increasing the flexibility of your adhesive, enhancing the bond between the extension and the natural lash and accelerating the curing time, curing from the inside out. So much so that if your client happened to get their lashes wet after their new set they will be fine. Of course we still don't recommend that but it has been tried and tested just in case! As its curing from the inside out it seals the fumes inside, so less irritation. Which is especially helpful for those clients who are sensitive and therefore tend to water allot after their treatment. Directions; Wait 3 minutes after you've attached the last extension, squeeze 2-3 drops of Diamond Bonder onto a micro brush and wipe over adhesive bonding points. Dry the eyelashes and they are ok to get wet 3 minutes later!

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Diamond Primer is a must have for every salon. It works by accelerating the cure time of your glue without creating a shock curing which is perfect for days working with low humidity. Plus it comes in Strawberry scent so no harsh fumes for your clients. Directions: Apply 2-3 drops of primer to micro swab and apply to natural lash line once dry start applying extensions Note: Can also be applied directly onto your volume lashes prior to making your fans to help prevent the stickies and keep your handmade fans wide and open.

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Diamond Cream Remover gently dissolves the adhesive bond on the extensions without running into your clients eyes like a liquid can and without burning. Directions for use:
  • Apply eye pad to bottom lashes
  • Use a lip wand or micro swab to apply a thin coating of the remover along the adhesive bonding points on the lashes, being extremely careful not to get any in the clients eyes or on their skin
  •  Allow the remover to sit for 2-4 minutes
  •  Can either use a micro swab to push extensions away from natural lash or your tweezers to gently slide them off. They should come away easily
  •  For any stubborn lashes you can repeat the process
  •  Clean lashes with lash wash and a damp cloth ensuring you remove all the excess remover
  • Caution;
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do not to get remover in eyes or on skin
  •  Store in cool dark place
  •  Professional use only

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Glue remover balls are the perfect accessory to keep your tweezers clean! Super quick, simply dip your tweezers into jar and place the tips of the tweezers into the balls and move them around a little, remove and wipe and your straight back to your work!  

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We are so in love with our toiletry bags in pink with white logo. They are completely waterproof with a zipper top and have plenty of room for your lash wash and brushes. We love them for aftercare kits to retail to your clients, they are so cute and pink they practically sell themselves.  

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We all know how important homecare is for your clients retention, so educate them on the importance of clean lashes and make some extra $ on your sets by retailing our lash wash to your clients. Our formula is oil free, all natural and gentle and they are beautifully packaged with our brand new pink bottle with black label, in a 60ml size bottle. Pair this with our chubby cleansing brushes. Available in black, pink, white, rose pink and double pink for the perfect combo that cleanses your clients lashes gently and thoroughly while helping improve retention. Clean lashes are happy lashes! *In testing 95% of people experienced no irritation or stinging while using this cleanser. We are currently testing a sensitive version for the people who have sensitivities.

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Introducing The Diamond Essentials Combo with everything you need to start you on your lash journey or to take your current lash game to the next level! Includes all our essentials plus our best sellers to help improve your retention! This combination has improved my retention better than anything I’ve ever tried and has also done so for many of our customers.

Valued at over $200, save money and get it all at once at our discounted price.


  • Lash Wash 60ml
  • Glue Remover Balls
  • Cream Remover
  • Diamond Primer Strawberry Scented (banana scent also available on request)
  • Diamond Strength Glue 5ml
  • Diamond Bonder
  • All inside our toiletry bag

    Included in the bundle:

    • Lash Wash
    • Cream Remover
    • Diamond Primer Strawberry Scented
    • Diamond Strength Glue
    • Glue Remover Balls
    • Diamond Super Bonder

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