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Sky glue is one of the biggest and well known glue brands in Korea and is incredibly popular all over the world.  It is ideal for beginner artists due to the dry time of 1-3 second.

Our Top Glue Tips for getting the most out of your glue:

  • Make sure your salon space temperature is no more then 22 degrees Celsius
  • Replace your glue dot every 15 minutes
  • When shaking your glue please don’t turn the bottle upside down ever
  • Please make sure the first shake of the day is for at least 2 minutes
  • Ensure you wipe your glue nozzle every time
  • Make sure you burp your glue before putting the lid back on for storage
  • Don’t store your glue in the fridge once opened
  • Once opened please store your glue in dark cool place with your silica beads that come with – ideally a glue storage cannister
  • You should replace your glue bottle every 3 weeks – so no you will barely ever use the whole bottle
  • Our favourite saying if your ever unsure about your current glue bottle is –                                   IF IN DOUBT THROW IT OUT! And that’s why we always recommend keeping a spare glue bottle in your fridge just in case
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    • Carbon Black
    • 1-3 Second Dry Time
    • Ideal Humidity 40%-80%
    • Ideal Temperature 19-26 degrees Celsius
    • Made in Korea
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    Weight 35 g
    Dimensions 150 × 100 × 20 mm

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