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Fight stretch marks and rejuvenate the skin with Fitskin & Beauty’s day & night lightweight Stretch Mark Cream.
Comprising of over 20 ingredients including high grade peptides, new plant cell technology, plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and essential oils. This unique stretch mark cream is made with only the best ingredients.


• Helps inhibit destructive enzymes which cause degradation and breakdown of the skins matrix.
• Fights against inflammation to return the skin to a normal state.
• Promotes skin elasticity.
• Helps fade purple & red discoloration.
• Potential to dramatically reduce stretch marks.
• Potential to diminish stretch marks long term.
• Smoothes furrow and striations.
• Fights fat accumulation and improve skin tone.

This lightweight Stretch Mark Cream fights against stretch marks by slowing down the degradation caused by destructive enzymes and promoting regeneration of the extracellular matrix by improving collagen and elastin production.