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Introducing Fitskin's brand new Makeup Removing Rounds! These little babies will quickly and easily remove all your makeup using only water! No scrubbing required, leaving your skin clean and ready to apply your Fitskin Cream Cleanser. Plus they are also uniquely woven making them safe for removing eye makeup even while wearing eyelash extensions!

Reusable for hundreds of washes, one of these babies replaces up to 500 single use makeup removing wipes! Meaning they will save you money and the environment! Also perfect to use with your liquid products as they are the perfect thickness that it wont absorb and waste your product.

    • 1 Rounds

    •  Suitable for any skin type

    •  Removes your makeup using only water

    •  Safe for use with eyelash extensions

    •  Reusable for hundreds of washes

    • Replaces up to 500 single use makeup wipes

    •  Non toxic

    •  Super soft and gentle

    •  No padding meaning no wasting your liquid products

    •  Unclog your pores without affecting the ph levels in your skin

    •  10cm Round diameter