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Diamond Lash Supplies

Long Stem Premade Fans 0.07 Midi Tray

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Diamond Lash Long Stem Premade Fans are high quality, light, delicate, and handmade so you don’t have too! Now you can offer Volume Lashes to your salon in half the time! Perfect for your clients wanting the very black eyeliner look from the base up due to the long stems. Why not stock both short and long letting your clients choose and set yourself apart from the competition.
We recommend you grab them from the top of the stem (just before it fans out) and gently peel it down off the backing with your Diamond Master Volume Tweezers. Please remember to be extra gentle as they are handmade and delicate.


Long Stem Fans
• Easy to remove with foil strips no more paper stuck to your lash tile
• 12 rows = 120 fans per pack
• Stocking both C curl and D curl
• Stocking 3D-8D fans
• Comes in variety of lengths
• Made from high quality Korean PBT
• Light and fluffy
• Premade Fans are all handmade and heat bonded