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We all know how important homecare is for your clients retention, so educate them on the importance of clean lashes and make some extra $ on your sets by retailing our lash wash to your clients. Our formula is oil free, all natural and gentle and they are beautifully packaged with our brand new pink bottle with black label, in a 60ml size bottle.

Pair this with our chubby cleansing brushes. Available in black, pink, white, rose pink and double pink for the perfect combo that cleanses your clients lashes gently and thoroughly while helping improve retention. Clean lashes are happy lashes!


*In testing 95% of people experienced no irritation or stinging while using this cleanser. We are currently testing a sensitive version for the people who have sensitivities.

    • 60ml bottles
    • Pink bottles
    • Super cute in our brand new pink bottle with black label
    • Oil free
    • Natural formula
    • Cruelty Free
    • Shelf life 2 years
Also none as lash mousse, lash shampoo and lash cleanser.