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Introducing our Infinite Isolation tweezers. We love them for isolating but find tweezers so personal to each technician so you need to find what works for you. Available in different colours and finishes and now available in 12cm and 14cm lengths.

All our tweezers are made with martensitic Japanese Stainless Steel providing resistance against corrosion and long lasting sharp tips. Cleanliness is of the upmost priority in the manufacturing plant where each batch of tweezers is washed in ultrasonic waves with special substances during manufacturing and again before packaging. The colouring technique is completely 100% toxic free and safe for use, and each pair is hand tested during and after manufacturing where tests are performed on their pickup, suspension and balance of the tips ensuring accurate amazing tweezers that you will love! Not too mention they have a ruler measurement on the end plus they come beautifully packaged in a gift box!


    • Ruler Measurement on end

Available in:

    • Rose Gold Shimmer


    • Hot Pink Shimmer


    • Diamond Grip Signature Pink Shimmer with Black Tips


    • Logo Print