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Foam Eye Pads Ultra Thins 50 pack

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Brand New Ultra Thin Foam Eye Pads! Created to use instead of foam tape for your clients who cant use regular eye pads. They are made from medical grade tape so perfect for sensitive clients, providing they don't have an allergy to tape of course. Just like tape they are able to be pulled and stretched. These may be ultra thin but, they still do what you need them to and cover all bottom lashes.
I personally didn't find they stuck too much and found removing them perfectly fine, but we have had feedback on our other foam pads that they stick extra well. so if you find that you may benefit from de tacking them on your glove prior to application or using one of our isolation pads underneath or giving them a nano mist.
Each sheet has 2 pairs and bulk pack is 25 packs so 50 pairs or 50 clients  


- Pack includes 25 packs (25 sheets of 2 pairs)



closed-cell polyvinyl, choride (PVC) foam and hypoallergenic, pressure-sensitive, acrylate adhesive.