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Cream Cleanser

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Your first step on the road to good looking skin!
Remove impurities and surface skin oils with Fitskin & Beauty’s Cream Face Cleanser.
Bursting with over 20 active ingredients including plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and essential oils. This special cleanser is made with the highest grade of ingredients to benefit the cleansing process, ensuring your skin feels fresh and squeaky clean.

More Info:

• Removes impurities, dirt, dead cells and surface oil.
• Leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed.
• Tones and prepares the skin for moisturising.
• Healthy skin begins with a cleansing process to remove environmental contaminates, dirt, dead skin cells and surface oil
• Supports moisturiser penetration so active ingredients are easily absorbed to benefit the skin. This high grade Cream Face Cleanser is concentrated with the highest quality ingredients and only a small amount is required to effectively cleanse your face. The cleanser should be used mornings and at night before bed, to remove daily contaminates that clog pores and cause facial blemishes.