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6D Short Stem Fans 0.07 XXL Tray

6D Short Stem Fans 0.07 XXL Tray

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Our Diamond Lash Short Stem Premade Volume Fans are revolutionizing the lash extension game. Made from premium Korean PBT, these fans are lightweight, delicate, and – best of all – handmade so you don't have to spend hours fanning them yourself!

Now available in XXL size trays of 1200 6D fans, you can offer your clients stunning volume lashes in half the time. Plus, you'll save money with these trays – they're the equivalent of 10 of our midi trays, working out to just $6.20 per 120 fans. That's a huge saving, even before any discount codes are applied!

Our fans are designed to fan out from the base, making them perfect for clients with gaps in their lashes. They cross over each other, creating a beautiful, fluffy look that your clients will love.

To use, simply pick up the fan from the base and gently peel it off the backing with your Diamond Master Volume Tweezers. These fans are handmade and delicate, so handle them with care.

Upgrade your lash extension game with our Diamond Lash Short Stem Premade Volume Fans – you won't regret it!

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