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We are so in love with our toiletry bags in pink with white logo. They are completely waterproof with a zipper top and have plenty of room for your lash wash and brushes. We love them for aftercare kits to retail to your clients, they are so cute and pink they practically sell themselves.  

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We all know how important aftercare is for your clients lashes and its always a good idea to hand out instructions with any full set especially for new clients. So we've created these for you ready to use so that you don't have to worry about it. Perfect to add to your aftercare kits.  

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We all know how important homecare is for your clients retention, so educate them on the importance of clean lashes and make some extra $ on your sets by retailing our lash wash to your clients. Our formula is oil free, all natural and gentle and they are beautifully packaged with our brand new pink bottle with black label, in a 60ml size bottle. Pair this with our chubby cleansing brushes. Available in black, pink, white, rose pink and double pink for the perfect combo that cleanses your clients lashes gently and thoroughly while helping improve retention. Clean lashes are happy lashes! *In testing 95% of people experienced no irritation or stinging while using this cleanser. We are currently testing a sensitive version for the people who have sensitivities.

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Introducing our Mini Eyelash Cleansing Brushes! Super soft flat bristles to gently and thoroughly clean your lashes without causing damage. The perfect partner to our Lash Wash, which we sell both with and without our label for you to add your own logo to retail to your clients. Branding is so important for any business and now you can put your own logo on the cleanser you retail, giving your clients a constant reminder of you every time they go in their bathroom! (I had stickers made up for my salon and put them on my cleansing brushes too! You can never have enough branding) Available in Hot Pink, Pink, Black and White

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Did you know that washing your lashes daily actually greatly improves your retention? Or that extensions wont stick to dirty lashes? You spend good money having them done, So if you want to get your monies worth out of your lash sets you need to look after them at home. Which is why you need one of our Lash Care Kits with everything you need to protect and maintain your eyelash extensions, plus did we mention how cute they are in Pink! Our Mini Homecare Kit includes Aftercare card, Lash Wash, Mini Cleansing Brush, Diamond Wand and Deluxe Wand Tube, all inside one of our super cute waterproof toiletry bags. 
Your lashes will thank you and so will your lash tech!
We do have lots of other homecare kits available too, so check them out.

*Also Available in wholesale bulk packs for lash artists in homecare wholesale section

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