Colour Lashes Mini's - Diamond Lash Supplies
Coloured Lashes Mini Trays $17.00
Our brand new Mini Colour Lash Trays in 0.07 are available in 7 colours Pink, Green, Blue, Red, Brown, Yellow and Purple. Still made from our high quality Korean PBT same as our black lash range, as the colour comes from the washing process. Super soft and in beautiful bright and vibrant colours so that you can add a pop of colour to your sets or even a full colour set! Available in mixed length trays 9mm-14mm in both C and D curl with our foil back strips so no mess on your tile. More colours coming soon.
Premade Spikes - Diamond Lash Supplies
Premade Spikes $20.00
Premade spikes have arrived! Ever wanted to create those Instagramable wispie/kimmy k lash sets but cant quite figure out how to create the spikes? Well we got you covered with our premade spikes, so now you can easily create these looks setting you apart from other lash artists in your area!! Made from Korean PBT, they are 0.07 thickness and available in both C and D curls in 2 different mixed length trays. 8mm-13mm and 13mm-18mm (2 lines of each length) these premade spikes will become your new favourite lashes!!
Microblading Pencil - Diamond Lash Supplies
Microblading Pencil $9.00
Use our peel off microblading pencil to draw your brow design ready for microblading or tattooing. No sharpener needed just pull off the string. To create a point use our eyebrow blade with our sharpen tool. Available in Black, Grey, White, Light Brown, Medium Brown and Dark Brown.
CLASSIC LASHES - Diamond Lash Supplies
After many requests we are very happy to Introduce our Diamond Classic Lashes! We love these for classic and Hybrid sets and especially for use in our eyelash extension kits as they are the perfect lashes to start off with before you move on to other styles. Diamond Classic Lashes are the highest quality Korean PBT, they are Jet Black in colour and are incredibly soft. Available in 0.12 thickness mixed tray 7mm-13mm in C and D and CC curls. 12 Line Trays. Available in mixed tray layout of 1x7mm, 1x8mm, 1x9mm, 3x10mm, 3x11mm, 2x12mm, 1x13mm Easy to remove with foil strips no more paper stuck to your lash tile
Luxe Wand Tube
Luxe Wand Tube from $3.00
Lash Wand Tubes are that perfect extra for your clients, whether you gift them or retail them they will love them! These are one of my favourite products as everyone loves them and they are so cute and perfect to chuck in your handbag! Available in 4 different styles Lashes, Chromes, Gems and Flower Crowns. Available individually or in bulk packs that can be fully customised to suit your salon. 
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Black Flutter Tape - Diamond Lash Supplies
Black Flutter Tape $11.50
Our black foam flutter tape is perfect for those clients who have trouble keeping their eyes still and closed or are sensitive to light. Simply pop some flutter tape over their eyelid, and because of the thickness and colour of the tape will mean they can fully relax and their eyes will stay closed and still, making for an easier application. It makes the treatment more enjoyable for both you and your client!
Sleep Masks Retail - WITH SILK BAG - Diamond Lash Supplies
Sleep Masks Retail - WITH SILK BAG $21.00
Our eyelash extension friendly Sleep masks are perfect to retail to your clients to protect their gorgeous lashes when they are sleeping! Can greatly improve your clients retention if they are face sleepers not to mention they are soft and comfortable to wear with an adjustable Velcro strap to fit any size head. Perfect to include in your aftercare kits for your clients. Comes with black silk bag -
Blooming Heart Glue Rings - Diamond Lash Supplies
Blooming Heart Glue Rings $15.00
Blooming Glue Cups are our absolute favourite option for your glue when handmaking your volume fans. But some techs prefer to wear a glue ring instead, well now we have you covered with our brand new Blooming Heart Glue Rings! The beauty of these is that even if your base is a little wide, when you swipe it through the ridges of the ring it helps to create the most beautifully thin based fans. Also great for classic lashing too! Comes in pink plastic and in packs of 100 and look how cute they are in new heart shape! Did we mention that these don't leak?! Even if you hold your hand upside down they will not leak on your client. So if you've ever been worried to try a glue ring then these are for you. 
Moon Mirror - Diamond Lash Supplies
Moon Mirror $26.00
Our moon mirrors are designed to sit with the curves of the face ensuring you can check for stickies with a perfect view. Plus take some awesome photos using the reflection, and did we mention they are super cute in hot pink shimmer, baby pink shimmer, silver shimmer, black or purple plasma finish.
Diamond Cleansing Brushes - Diamond Lash Supplies
Diamond Cleansing Brushes $7.00
Beautiful diamond cleansing brushes have landed and available in pink or clear. They are super soft and lux and are perfect to retail onto your clients.

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