Magnifying Glasses
Magnifying Glasses $39.00
Introducing our Magnifying Glasses, with 2 options now available in both +150 and +250 times magnification (or in other words everything is magnified by either 1.5 or 2.5 times) these glasses will help you see every lash perfectly to ensure a flawless application. Plus even if you have perfect vision, focusing your eyes all day while your lashing can result in headaches and eye pain and no one has time to have sick days! These glasses are light weight and comfortable to wear, plus they are super cute in our custom pink design and come with a high quality velvet protectant case to keep them safe when your not working. So much easier and cuter than bulky magnifying head lamps! +250 time magnification in other words everything is magnified 2.5 times +150 time magnification in other words everything is magnified 1.5 times Please note they are not prescription and your eyes will take a minute to adjust to wearing them.  These glasses are designed with lash artists in mind They are not recommended for walking around in.
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Disposable Face Masks Pink 25 Pack - Diamond Lash Supplies
Disposable Face Masks Pink 25 Pack $20.00
New disposable triple layered face masks in pink. Comes in packs of 25.  If you have to wear a mask you might as well look cute!
Microblading Pencil - Diamond Lash Supplies
Microblading Pencil $9.00
Use our peel off microblading pencil to draw your brow design ready for microblading or tattooing. No sharpener needed just pull off the string. To create a point use our eyebrow blade with our sharpen tool. Available in Black, Grey, White, Light Brown, Medium Brown and Dark Brown.
Lash Separator - Diamond Lash Supplies
Lash Separator $17.00
Diamond Lash Separator Tool is now available in a super cute shimmery finish and available in 4 different colour options. You can use this tool to check for stickies while lashing, as well as for lash lifting. Check for stickies with this tool Also can be used for lash lift Shimmery Finish  Available in Hot Pink, Aqua, Black and Dark Purple
Phone Ring Light - Diamond Lash Supplies
Phone Ring Light $16.00
Improve your lash photos with our pink phone ring lights. Simply clip on the top of your phone. Has 3 brightness levels.
Phone Super Lens - Diamond Lash Supplies
Phone Super Lens $37.00
HD Camera lens perfect for taking your lash photos to the next level! Please note only works with single camera phones  does not work with the latest model iPhone.  Simply clip on your device and align with your phone camera, then simply point and shoot! Detachable soft rubber clip is easy to adjust and wont leave any scratches or marks on your mobile device. Made from high quality aluminium material making it durable and sleek.
Long Head Micro Swabs - Diamond Lash Supplies
Long Head Micro Swabs $12.00
Introducing new long head micro swabs they are great as you can get to more lashes at once due to the long head. Comes in pack of 100.   
Concealer Pencil - Diamond Lash Supplies
Concealer Pencil $11.00
Use our concealer pencil along with our line mark ruler to help you design your clients brows.
Dappen Dish - Diamond Lash Supplies
Dappen Dish $10.00
Glass dappen dish perfect to mix your brow tints and pigments. 
Y Comb - Diamond Lash Supplies
Y Comb $11.00
Lash lift Y tool use for brow lamination and or lash lifting comes in pack of 10 combs. 10 Pack

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