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Diamond Super Bonder is a brand new revolutionary product to maximize retention by up to 30%!

It works by increasing the flexibility of your adhesive, enhancing the bond between the extension and the natural lash and accelerating the curing time, curing from the inside out. So much so that if your client happened to get their lashes wet after their new set they will be fine. Of course we still don't recommend that but it has been tried and tested just in case!

As its curing from the inside out it seals the fumes inside, so less irritation. Which is especially helpful for those clients who are sensitive and therefore tend to water allot after their treatment.


Wait 3 minutes after you've attached the last extension, squeeze 2-3 drops of Diamond Bonder onto a micro brush and wipe over adhesive bonding points. Dry the eyelashes and they are ok to get wet 3 minutes later!

Extra Info
    • Revolutionary new product improves retention by up to 30%
    •  Accelerates curing time of adhesive curing it from the inside out
    •  Reduces any excess adhesive fumes
    •  Suitable for use with any adhesive
    •  Medical grade
    •  Natural fragrance
    •  No need for a nano mister when using Diamond Bonder
    •  Gentle and non irritating