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Diamond Lash Supplies

Extreme Wispies - Volume

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Introducing 'The Wispies' our brand new range of lashes to help you create a more multidimensional wispy look! They are our same super soft and dark black lashes just each line is made with 3 different lengths, but unlike our regular Wispies these ones have 2mm difference 7,9,11mm x2 rows 8,10,12mm x 3 rows, 9,11,13mm x 3, 10,12,14mm x 3, 11,13,15mm x 1, available in 0.05 in both C and D curl each tray has 12 lines.

(otherwise known as Camila lashes)

    • Easy to remove with foil strips no more paper stuck to your lash tile
    • Easy to fan
    •  12 Row Trays
    •  Stocking C curl and D curl
    •  Stocking 0.05 thickness
    •  Made from highest quality PBT
    •  Jet Black Colour
    •  Super soft