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Diamond Easy Fan Volume Lashes will become your new best friend when hand making your fans as they dramatically speed up the process, due to the bonding agent used to hold the lashes together at the base! So if you've been struggling making fans give these a try they practically fan themselves!!

Made from the highest quality Korean PBT Our Rapid Volume Lashes are absolutely perfect to create beautiful mega volume lash sets as they are double layered, easy to fan and super soft and dark. Once you try these lashes you will fall in love!

If you find your bases are too thick simply pinch the base after you peel the fan off the strip.

Available in 0.03, 0.05 and 0.07 mixed tray 8mm--15mm . Available in C, D, L and DD curls. 18 Line Trays Available in mixed tray layout of 1x8mm, 2x9mm, 3x10mm, 3x11mm, 3x12mm, 2x14mm, 2x15mm