3D Premade short stem fans - Diamond Lash Supplies
3D Short Stem Premade Fans 0.07 $17.00
Whether you are a student or are a practicing lash technician already, our Short Stem Premade Fans are a great tool to add to your kit. Made to be light, airy, and durable, these handmade lashes create a natural look that clients will love. They're perfect for filling gaps or for adding more volume to someone's existing lash look! Each fan is made to be easy to apply to the lash area. They are arranged in an easy to access package, are designed to be long-lasting.  We recommend using our Diamond Master Volume Tweezers to select and separate each lash fan from the packaging, as it makes the process super fast and simple.  The confidence boost that lash extensions provides for your clients is amazing. From their first glance at their new look, they are sure to be satisfied and excited to maintain a new part of their beauty routine. These lashes are perfect for personal or professional use and are a great option for anyone who is still learning the art of lash extension application. 
XXL 3D Premade short stem fans - Diamond Lash Supplies
3D Short Stem Fans 0.07 XXL Tray $62.00
Diamond Lash Short Stem Premade volume Fans are made from high quality Korean PBT, are light, delicate, and handmade so you don't have too! Now you can offer Volume Lashes in your salon in half the time. Now available in our huge XXL size trays 1200 3D fans! ***These trays are equivalent to 10 of our midi trays working out to be just $6.20 per 120 fans Compared to our current midi for $17. So a huge saving and that’s before any discount codes are applied! Since they fan out from the base we find them great to use for clients with gaps as they cross over each other giving the perfect fluffy look your clients will love. We recommend you pick them up from the base and gently peel up off the backing with your Diamond Master Volume Tweezers, but very gently as they are handmade and delicate.  
Long Stem Premade Fans 0.07 3D-8D
Long Stem Premade Fans 0.07 3D-8D $23.00
Now you can give your clients the very best quality lashes on the market. Introducing our Diamond Lash Long Stem Fans. These are high quality lashes that are lightweight, handmade, and delicate to highlight your client's features beautifully.  These lash stems are black, which are sure to give the "eyeliner look" and make eyelashes look ultra full and voluminous. We carry both short and long lashes so your client can choose the length that is easily suitable for the look they are going for.  For best application, grab them from the top of stem and carefully peel off the backing with tweezers (we recommend the Diamond Master Volume Tweezers!) Each long stem pre-made fan tray consists of 10 x 9mm, 20 x 10mm, 50 x 11mm, 50 x 12 mm, 50 x 13mm, and 20 x 14 mm fans. These sets have been designed to give your client a very strategically placed layout for a full set that is absolute perfection. You deserve to carry the most glamorous products in your salon and we guarantee that you will be extremely satisfied with the results. 
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XXL 3D Short Stem Starter Pack
XXL 3D Short Stem Starter Pack $250.00 $297.60
Our Short stem XXL starter kit in 3D includes 1 XXL Tray of each length, the perfect starter kit to setup with short stem lashes in 3D. Includes: - 8mm/9mm Mix Tray D Curl x 1 - 10mm D Curl x 1 - 11mm D Curl x 1 - 12mm D Curl x 1 - 13mm D Curl x 1 - 14mm D Curl x 1 Buy in bulk and save money off individual retail prices.