Cellulite Cream

$99.00 inc.GST

Rejuvenate the skin on all levels!
Peptides, plant extracts, vitamins and minerals fights cellulite, fat tissue and adipocyte (fat cells) promoting elasticity and firmness.

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    Fitskin & Beauty Cellulite Cream is a day & night body firming cream designed to rejuvenate the skin on multiple levels, fights cellulite, fat tissue and adipocyte (fat cells) to promote elasticity and firmness.

    • Reduces the appearance of cellulite
    • Triggers lipolysis
    • Reduces fat cells production.
    • Restores firmness to the skin.
    • Restores energy to the skin.
    • Reduces inflammation caused by trans fatty acids.
    • Stimulates fibronectin, elastin and collagen to firm the skin.
    • Protects fibrous proteins from enzyme destruction.
    • Smoothes the surface of the skin

    With over 20 active ingredients including new plant cell technology, plant extracts, peptides, vitamins, minerals and essential oils this unique firming cream is made with only the best ingredients.

    The active components of this formulation are a combination of ingredients chosen to work synergistically to fight fat accumulation. Each ingredient was carefully selected to work in combination to provide a powerful anti-cellulite product.


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